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A Look at the Features the Best Kids School Backpacks Come With


Choosing a kids school backpack may not be as easy as you think. In fact, if you think it’s just about getting one that features the latest popular cartoon character, you cannot be further from the truth.

Back injuries to kids are getting surprisingly common, and to your surprise, wrong school backpacks do tend to be a common factor that leads to them. Hence, letting your kids decide which backpack they want may turn out to be a big no as well.

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Instead, you may want to learn about the important and useful features the best kids school backpacks out there come with, so that you can easily choose one of them that fits your budget and needs.

Now before we get to those features, let us tell you that while we are not against those cool school backpacks that might seem very tempting and attractive to your kids, we think there are better ways to make the “right” school backpack just as attractive. You can simply add some attractive key chains and weird zipper pulls to do that.

Cool School Backpacks

So with that out of the way, let us take a look at some of the most important features a good school backpack should come with.


Quality is Crucial


Well, although you may already be aware of the importance of going for a quality backpack, there’s more to it than you may think.

quality backpack

First things first, a quality backpack doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. In fact, there may even be some expensive school backpacks out there that may not come with the level of quality you’re looking for, but instead, just focus more on the looks front. Of course, those are the ones you need to stay miles away from.

The reason it’s so important to make sure that the backpack you’re going for is indeed a quality product is because only then it would last a long time. Needless to mention, kids can be notoriously destructive with their stuff, and this back-to-school equipment is no exception. Hence, if you want the backpack to last at least a few years, you need to make sure it’s indeed a quality product.

Finally, a quality backpack reduces the chances of back injuries considerably. Poor quality backpacks that aren’t designed well may put unnecessary pressure on the back of your kids, or not distribute the weight properly, leading to pain in those particular parts of their back.





Well, yes, this is another very important thing you need to consider while looking for a quality backpack. While most of the good kids school backpacks out there may not be THAT expensive, don’t expect them to be very cheap either (unless probably you’re getting a great offer through some kind of sales promotion).

That being said, usually, those $20 ones may only be as good as what you pay for them. They may come with crappy zippers, and it’s very likely that you will see some clear signs of wear in less than a year of use.

On the other hand, you can definitely find a bunch of great kids school backpacks in the $30 to $50 range. Of course, anything above that will even get you quite a few bells and whistles, and perhaps even the looks your kids crave for.

school backpack brand

Alternatively, you can get a very, very strong school backpack for around $60, if you’re willing to let go off the bells and whistles and don’t mind a little less attractive looks.

If that’s what you want, you may want to go for a very reputed school backpack brand. Lands’ End, REI Backpacks, JanSport packs may all be some great options.


Shoulder Straps


Although surprisingly overlooked, shoulder straps do tend to be one of the most important features of a school backpack, especially when it comes to those best book bags or the ones that are primarily used for carrying many large and heavy books.

Usually, wide, padded shoulder straps are considered ideal for kids, as they help distribute the weight evenly and support the back well. On the other hand, narrow or one-strap backpacks can turn out to be a nightmare, as they may burden a small part of the user’s back with most of the weight, leading to back pain or other more serious back problems.

best book bags

Finally, you may also make sure that the straps are not only wide and padded but also fit your children well. This is because the size and fitting can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort, though there may not be any standard recommendation on this front due to the requirements being rather subjective.


Storage and Compartments


As kids usually need to carry a lot of stuff to their school daily, the storage and compartments are definitely something you shouldn’t overlook as well.

The most important thing to look for here is the large compartments because that’s where most of the important stuff is going to be kept. They need to be sufficiently large, preferably also versatile, meaning that being able to hold different types of things instead of just books.

Best backpack for college

Similarly, a fair few number of compartments, different compartments for keeping small things such as pens and keys and a mesh pocket for a water bottle are some of the other things you may want to look for.


Back padding


While it’s considered as an “extra” feature by many, it actually isn’t. In fact, it’s another very important feature of a good school backpack.

No back padding means that it may get quite uncomfortable for your kids to carry the backpack for extended periods of time. It may also get a little sticky at times.

On the other hand, quality back padding ensures that the backpack is going to be comfortable to wear, even if you tend to do it for hours at a time. Similarly, it would also take the back support up a notch, which is certainly a great plus given that kids may need to carry a lot of stuff to their school.

Back padding for backpack

Furthermore, back padding also means a higher level of durability, as backpacks with quality back padding tend to be more resistant to everyday wear and last longer.


A Final Word


While there is more feature that you may want to consider, the ones discussed above alone may help you choose the best school backpack for your kids. Apart from the things mentioned above, just make sure you don’t focus too much on the style or looks, and don’t try to get a cheap product.

Doing that and following the tips and looking for features shared above may help you find a great school backpack that fits both your budget and needs pretty well.


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