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A Look at the Top Distance Education Universities in India


Simply put, distance education refers to an education system which doesn’t require students to be physically present. Students can instead study from wherever they want, and probably just appear for exams and other such important events. This is also exactly what the term “distance education” so clearly suggests.

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How distance education is gaining importance?


It is innovative, to say the least. Today’s challenging modern world hasn’t left much of an option for students than to cut short their term as a student in order to start building a promising career. On the other hand, there’s also the problem of having to travel to somewhere every day, which may not be possible for everyone, especially after they have crossed a particular age and need to take care of other responsibilities too.

Hence, distance educations seem to the perfect solution to those who are confronted with several factors that don’t allow them to pursue full-time education. Furthermore, distance education also seems to be a lot more affordable than the other options, making it an even more preferred option for those who can’t really shell out lakhs of rupees on a professional education course.


The opportunities offered by distance education


If you think that as distance education is cheaper and more convenient, it may not really be worth it, then you are probably mistaken. Regardless of distance education being a much more convenient option, it does seem to be offering many opportunities for boosting your career.

Distance Learning

Well, the opportunities offered may not be comparable to full-time education, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, if you have figured out your career’s path clearly and properly, you can surely look forward to distance education to get that much needed boost in your career.


Coming to some facts, most of the universities offering distance education have in store hundreds of courses for their students. You can probably find many courses that are related to your profession, and interest you as well.

In fact, doing MBA through distance education has become one of the most popular choices of students who don’t have the required resources to go for a full-time MBA course. It’s convenient, more affordable, and more importantly, still rewarding.


Distance Learning MBA


There seem to be many salaried employees in India who pursue an MBA course through a distance education university while still working on their present job. When they clear the course with impressive scores, they usually also get a considerable pay raise, or much better opportunities in their career.


What are the top distance education universities in India?


Distance education seems to be getting more and more popular in India with each passing year. As a result, many distance education universities in India seems to be having a healthy growth in the number of students, revenues, and even the cut offs.


Top distance education universities in India


We will now be taking a look at some of the top distance education universities in India. However, before we go into that, let us make a few things clear for you.

There are a few important factors these rankings are based on, with one of the most important one obviously being the number of students, followed by infrastructure. Then there are also some other ones, such as learning and experience, reach and resources, and results and efficiency.


Now, there actually seem to be around 200 distance education universities in India. This also just shows how important and popular distance education as a new and innovative way of education has become in India.


Top distance learning colleges


However, around 30 of these universities don’t seem to be having a clear recognition status. This leaves us with the rest 170, and only these universities have been taken into consideration while coming up with the rankings.

The rankings also take into account the feedback a major institution, that studies various aspects related to the distance education universities in India, and which has come up with these rankings, received from the survey it undertook through its Facebook page.

Finally, let us also mention that this research is also probably backed by Kartikeya Sharma NewsX, a respect name in the media industry in India.



The Indira Gandhi National Open University doesn’t leave any stone unturned to retain its top spot. It’s constantly improving infrastructure and focusing on bringing in more and more new courses to help students and professionals in all fields help change their career for good helped it sit right at the top again on the rankings.




This year’s statistics reveal that it boasts of having a huge student-base of around 2.8 million, well larger than all the other distance education universities in India. In fact, as many as around 30% of all the students pursuing distance education have enrolled into IGNOU.

However, on the results front, IGNOU have fallen 15 places. This means that it still has a long way to go when it comes to be the best at the passing rate.


#2 Yashwantrao C Maharashtra Open University

Located in Nasik, the Yashwantrao C Maharashtra Open University seems to have put up an impressive show as well. Although it’s not even near to IGNOU on the overall ratings scale, it comes surprisingly closer on the learning and experience front.


Yashwantrao C Maharashtra Open University

It has a total rating score of 619, with the learning and experience being the largest contributor at around 240.


#3 Sikkim Manipal University

This one seems to be getting more popular as of late. Surprisingly, it has come quite far, and falls short of just 3 points to beat the number 2 on our list, with an overall rating of 616.

Its result and efficiency score is around 257, far surpassing that of IGNOU’s score on this front, which is a disappointing 198. Even more surprisingly, it beats IGNOU when it comes to the learning and experience score as well.


#4 IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute

Based in Ghaziabad, this distance education university does well on the learning and experience as well as result and efficiency fronts to settle at number 4. However, it’s resources and reach score seems to be a concern for the university, as it’s just over 40, with that of IGNOU being over 200.


#5 University of Mumbai

It isn’t surprising to see the highly popular university of Mumbai end up at number 5. With an overall rating score of 536, it boasts of some pretty solid numbers when it comes to learning and experience as well as result and efficiency.


University of Mumbai


Probably the reason it does so well on the result and efficiency front is because many students usually come to the university when they fail in their college exams, and are forced to appear through the university in order to avoid losing precious years of their career due to the failure.


A final word

IGNOU, although having quite a bit to improve on the result and efficiency front, didn’t fail to retain the top spot. It seems to be a favorite of the students as well, despite the passing rate being low.

It’s probably the large number of courses it offers that make it the preferred choice for the students.


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