Conduct Computer Skills Assessment Pre-Employment Test

Conduct Computer Skills Assessment Pre-Employment Test

Business enterprises follow a specific pattern to hire employees. Irrespective of the size, type, and volume of the enterprise, the enterprises need to recruit employees with specific skills that are required in their workplace.

Now, smaller enterprises usually have a less complicated recruiting process compared to global companies. But, they will still have to ensure that the employees they hire are suitable for the job and for the enterprise. For larger enterprises with various office locations, they will have to make sure that the employees can adapt to the working environment and interact with other employees.

Computer skills are one of the common criteria for most jobs. Conducting a computer skills assessment test as a part of the pre-employment testing process is one way to screening and filtering the candidates who are knowledgeable in operating computers. The candidates with a good skill set are shortlisted and a few more rounds of tests or interviews are conducted depending on the policies of the enterprise and the importance of the job.

Around 35% of the chief information officers say that it has indeed become difficult to find a skilled, qualified IT professional in the market. And with the number of jobs being expected to increase to 3.5 million by 2022, it has become all the more important to find employees who can make a mark for themselves and also take the enterprise forward.

The term computer skills assessment tests encompass a wide array of skills and abilities tests in the field of IT. Not every employee needs to know everything about the computer. Each job requires specialization in certain areas and the test form can be customized to contain questions related to the specific skill set.

• Application Oriented Skills

  • Working on software packages such as Microsoft Office (numerous versions), CAD, Graphic Design Applications, Adobe packages, etc. come under the application-oriented skills.
  • Not all application skills may be required as it depends on the industry for which the test is being conducted.

• Operational Skills

  • These are the basic operational skills that are needed for a person to operate and use computers.
  • The IT systems and infrastructure work effectively only when the employees have in-depth knowledge to use the systems.

• Development Skills

  • Programming, web development, database designing and handling, are some of the development skills.
  • Each enterprise uses different database packages and different languages for coding and developing websites.
  • The application and development skills are sometimes interlinked and equally important.

Companies conduct the pre-employment tests virtually for large batches of employees on behalf of the enterprises. That said, it is up to the enterprises to decide and finalize on the test form and pattern. The HR personnel from enterprises work with the Advisors from the companies to design a test form that best suits the specifications of the job and the enterprise.

Here are some of the reasons why it is crucial to conduct the pre-employment tests for the eligible candidates, and how hiring the companies to conduct the tests have advantages over enterprises conducting the tests by themselves.

• Know Your Candidates

  • This is the most important aspect. A pre-employment test gives the enterprise an idea about the candidates they wish to hire.
  • Apart from the educational qualification and experience that are listed in the resume, the enterprise will know just how capable the candidates are when put to test.

• Hire The Best Candidates

  • No enterprise wants to hire an employee who cannot work with them efficiently on a long term basis. The skills of the employee are as important as the behavioral pattern.

• Reduce the Cost and Time of Hiring

  • Enterprises can reduce the cost of hiring by around 60% when they opt to outsource the pre-employment testing process reputed companies whose main aim is to conduct customized online tests on behalf of the enterprises.
  • The employees can focus on the core aspects while the companies conduct the tests, evaluate, and shortlist the candidates based on the results of the tests.

Enterprises have benefited largely by using these services as the quality of employees hired has shown a considerable increase.

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