Choosing the Best Backpack for School

How to Choose the Best Backpack for School for Your Needs?


Kids these days have to carry quite a bit of stuff to the school, making their backpacks considerably heavy. That makes it important to choose the right backpack, which can help reduce the weight burden and make them feel more comfortable while carrying it. However, what’s a little disturbing is that most parents fail to look beyond the design, style or price when it comes to choosing the best backpack for school.

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Michael O’Brien, who works as a sports medicine physician at Boston Children’s Hospital, says that a wrong backpack may result in some serious health issues, including back pain and other problems. Hence, it makes sense to consider other factors, many of which may be considerably more important than the price or style while buying a school backpack for your kids.



So with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors you need to take into consideration while choosing a school backpack.




Although very basic, the size is the first factor you need to take into consideration. You need to think about the things your child would have to carry to school, and consider their size and weight. Similarly, you would also want to figure out the needs for different types of pockets, which would make it convenient to carry different things.

However, it may not be recommended to go for the bare minimum size that you need, but instead, a backpack that’s a little bigger than the size you’re looking for. It will help take care of the uncertainties that may emerge during special school events when your child may have to carry more than you anticipated.

Usually, a backpack that can comfortably fit a 3-inch, three-ring binder, and other useful stuff may be large enough for your needs. However, bigger isn’t always better, and it’s especially true when it comes to school backpacks.

The best backpack for high school, in terms of size, may be the one that comes to the torso of your child, and not the back of their neck or head.


best backpack for high school





As far as the pricing is concerned, it varies quite a bit, depending on your needs and the features you’re looking for. However, usually, you may be able to find plenty of good options in the $25 – $50 range. Anything above that may easily fetch you a premium-quality product with many cool extra features. On the other hand, it may need quite a bit of research to find the right school backpack with a budget of less than $25.




Well, we think it’s worth elaborating a bit on the pockets the backpack needs to have that we mentioned about above. Firstly, simply think the school essentials your child would need to carry daily. It will help you figure out the minimum number of different compartments the backpack needs to have, as well as help you find the best backpack for school for your needs.

So for example, you may need a compartment for lunchbox, pens and other such small objects, a side pocket for water bottle, and so on. While all good backpacks for school may come with larger compartments for binders, notebooks, and other books, you still need to figure out how large they need to be.




While the fabric is something often overlooked, it’s considered an important factor when it comes to kids school backpacks. The fabric may be directly related to the breathability, weight, and durability of the backpack. With that said, here’s what the different types of fabrics bring to the table:

  • Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester are usually the preferred choice, thanks to being durable, relatively lightweight, and comfortable
  • Leather is considered a big no as it’s too heavy and uncomfortable
  • Cotton is more comfortable but not as water-resistant as nylon or polyester
  • Natural fibers like hemp are more eco-friendly than synthetic fibers, and may be good enough unless your little one tends to spill stuff on the backpack





As mentioned above, style surely isn’t the most important factor. However, it may still be important to some, especially those who are looking to use the backpack for a long time, and hence would need something that doesn’t go out of fashion very soon.

However, not all those cool school backpacks out there is a great fit, as they may not come with an evergreen trend, and, may not fit the bill as far as your needs are concerned.

That being said, a reputed school backpack brand offering a cool-looking printed backpack that comes in an evergreen, solid color may be a great choice. Similarly, if you want something that literally never goes out of style, a simple black backpack may hit the spot.


school backpack brand


Finally, you may also want to note that the style choices would vary from boys to girls. The ideal color for backpacks for girls in high school seems to be pink and light blue. However, some black ones with decorative pink hearts printed on them may look great as well.


backpacks for girls in high school


Shoulder Straps


Well, we are seemingly done discussing most of the basic important factors. So we will now be going through some more advanced, and apparently more important factors now.

So coming to the straps, the wide, padded ones usually work best as far as the comfort is concerned. They help distribute the weight evenly, making it easier to carry and preventing problems like back pain.

On the other hands, narrow straps and one-strap messenger bags aren’t recommended, given that they put all the weight on a small area of the body.




Most good backpacks for high school come with foam padding for the back panel and shoulder straps. The reason foam padding is important is that it provides the required comfort while carrying the backpack. Similarly, it also provides the support your child need to not find it too much of a burden to carry all their school stuff to the school.


good backpacks for high school


Finally, it also ensures a better level of durability. Basically, you would want the foam padding to not rebound instantly or crinkle like paper when you try to squeeze it.


A Final Word


You may also want to ensure that the backpack comes with a quality zipper that doesn’t keep catching on the fabric. Similarly, if you’re willing to pay more and looking for a premium-quality product, you may even want to opt for wheels (a rolling bag). However, a rolling backpack isn’t recommended if your child is too small, as they may not be able to tote the bag up the stairs.


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