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How to Narrow Down Good College Backpacks For Your Lifestyle


As a student, having a good college backpack is more important than you think. When you’re running to exams, hustling at your job and somehow finding time to maintain a social life, you need a backpack that can keep up with you.

Because of this, not any backpack will be appropriate. Good college backpacks are worth the hunt and extra effort it will take to find them. Fortunately, you have this article to guide you through the process of picking a good college backpack.

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Look at your lifestyle


This is the first factor you want to consider when looking for a stylish backpack for college. Sure, having a bag that looks good is nice, but if it doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle, it’s a wasted investment.

stylish backpack for college guys

When picking a backpack try and think of it as a tool. You need a tool that can help you in all areas of your life.

So what things in your life do you need to consider? Look at the activities your life is filled with. Where do you spend the most time? Do you play sports? Which ones? Different sports will require different types of bags. Are you a full-time university student? If so, maybe you need a bag that allows you to carry lots of textbooks easily in addition to a laptop.

The activities your life is filled with will dictate the type of bag that will work best for you. Audit your life and take a close look at where you need a backpack to serve you.

A lot of people make the mistake of buying a backpack first and then trying to make it work for them. Make a list of everything you need to carry with you based on your life and find a bag that can adjust to the amount of gear you have. Never let the bag you buy dictate what you bring with you. You should be able to fit all the items necessary to your lifestyle in your new bag without any hassle.


Look for bags that promote weight distribution


This is the most important factor when it comes to using a backpack comfortably. Proper weight distribution is the difference between sore backs and replacing your backpack every few months and having a bag that serves as a lasting investment. Here are a few features you need to look for when buying college backpacks for women.


college backpacks for women

Take a close look at the straps


Straps are crucial for proper weight distribution. Good college backpacks feature multiple kinds of straps. One type of strap to look for is the sternum strap. This strap fits over your chest and makes better use of the shoulder straps.

Another strap to look for is a load lifter strap. This strap starts at the top of the shoulder strap and goes to the top of the bag; they help to prevent sagging when your bag is full.

You’ll find both these straps convenient when carrying heavy loads.


How many pockets does the bag have?


Multiple pockets can be useful for weight distribution provided the pockets can accommodate your gear. You may need an entirely separate compartment for carrying shoes or a bunch of small pockets for all your school and work items. On top of this, you may need a separate area for your computer.

best backpack for college

Stuffing all of your items into just one or two compartments makes it harder for your bag to distribute the weight. The type of equipment you carry will dictate how many pockets you need and what size they should be. Keep this in mind when deciding how many pockets you want your bag to have.


Padding is crucial for comfort


The last factor to consider for good weight distribution is proper padding. Padding makes all the difference in comfort, especially when you go far distances. Bags with inadequate padding cause you to be sore around your lower back and hips area.

Look for a bag with substantial padding that feels noticeably different when you try the bag on. Read reviews online to see how the padding holds up over time. You’ll thank yourself later when you feel the difference between a well-padded bag and a sub-par one.


What style of bag do you want? Will you sacrifice weight distribution?


Most people will opt for stylish backpacks for college, but there are a lot of different options available to you. Most stylish backpacks don’t feature weight bearing straps and other factors that make good backpacks for college guys.

There are lots of different styles of backpacks. Daypacks, hiking packs, women specific packs and basic school packs are just a few examples. If you’re willing to sacrifice on style, hiking packs and daypacks are extremely convenient for carrying lots of items. These types of bags usually have multiple compartments and feature multiple straps for proper weight distribution.

backpacks for college guys

If you don’t want to sacrifice on style, you’ll need to be a bit creative with the type of bag you buy. Duffels bags are stylish and can handle heavy loads with good weight distribution. Certain duffle bags can handle shoes, books, clothes and even a computer at the same time.

Another type of bag to consider if you don’t want to sacrifice on style is a messenger bag. Messenger bags are very stylish and can even be used for business and formal situations. Unfortunately, messenger bags can only handle a small load and generally they have poor weight distribution. Keep this in mind if you choose to sacrifice on style.

Following these tips to help you narrow down a good college backpack. Remember, the first step is to decide which items are important to you and select a bad that can handle them. Don’t try and adjust your lifestyle to a new bag. Weight distribution is critical in a good college backpacks; make sure to look for certain straps and padding as outlined in this article. These tips will help you quickly narrow down the best college backpacks!


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