Nagarjuna, prominent monk of Nalanda

Indian Distance Education Universities – The Professor in Your Pocket

  The monastery of Nalanda was a large, ancient university that attracted scholars from all over the world.  Its multi-storied libraries of materials that covered not just religion, but various subjects like medicine, logic, astrology, and grammar, were rivaled only by Egypt.
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Aryadeva scholar of Nalanda

The Jewels of Indian Distance Education

  India has a long, beautiful history of education that appears almost mythical.  Ancient India possessed a reputation that rivaled its contemporary, ancient Egypt.  Nalanda, the monastery (and university, according to scholars), attracted scholars from all over the world who traveled from as far as China and Korea to study at the campus of Nalanda.
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Ancient Nalanda University

Education in India

Many historians, scholars, and researchers will argue that (along with China and Egypt) India birthed formal education. The history of Indian education certainly does not begin with Nalanda, but it is one of the most well-documented institutions in ancient India. It is likely there were thousands of such institutions scattered about India.
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