Underlying problems with India’s Educational system

  Education is one of the yardsticks by which one measures the progress of a person and even a country. It would be quite difficult indeed to overstate the importance of Education. The more effective and efficient a country’s educational system is, the better its socioeconomic situation tends to be.
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Education in India – Nagaland Board of School Education

  Nagaland is a northeast state of India bordering Assam, Arunachal, Burma, and Manipur.  It is a predominantly Christian population with agriculture as its main economic activity.  It is a gorgeous mountainous landscape with a rich variety of fauna and flora.  It is often referred to as the “falcon capital of the world”.
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Aru Village enclosed by snow clad mountains from top of Birzamal

Education in India – Jammu and Kashmir Board of School education

  Jammu and Kashmir State is a northern state within India.  Much of its landfalls in the picturesque Himalayan mountains.  It borders Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, China, and Pakistani territory.  It is a land of romantic mountains, beautiful rivers and valleys, and rich agriculture.  It is also diverse and possesses a mixed religious population.
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School children line Cochin Kerala India

Overview of Education system in India

  History The Indian education system has a long and rich history. The Takshaslia is regarded as the earliest example of what has is now known as a university and was operating in India in the 5th century BCE. They were institutions which sat alongside Hindu and Buddhist monasteries, providing practical education such as medicine.
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Gurukula image

The Problems Within Education in India

  The Indian educational system is firmly rooted in thousands of years of traditional education.  It began with the ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila, continued to the Gurukula scholar system, and is now a fusion of tradition and adopted ideas. See Also: Everything You Need to Know About Education in India Education in India
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