Best Distance Education University in India

What’s the Best Distance Education University in India?


Distance education seems to be gaining more importance with each passing year not only in India, but throughout the world. However, in most of the other countries in the world, it doesn’t seem to be very popular, but in India, it is definitely getting increasingly popular, thanks to the specific advantages it offer to a country like India.

One of the basic concepts of distance education is more freedom to students. They don’t need to be physically present and attend daily classes. Instead, they are usually only required to be present during exams or other important events.

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This obviously means a lot of freedom for those who can’t really attend a university daily. This is especially true for those who have taken up a job but still wish to study further to ensure a better career in the future. However, usually, it won’t be practically possible for them to attend classes daily while working at any company. For such students and many others, distance education is probably the final resort.

Distance Education

Similarly, those who don’t manage to find a seat in a near-by university, and/or aren’t able to afford the fees of private universities, applying to a distance education university seems to be the way out for them.

However, it’s important to choose the right distance education university, as if you do any course from a reputed and well established university, you tend to have better chances of finding a great job.

Before we move on, however, let us tell you that we are able to share with you such useful insights on the distance education space in India simply because of being given an opportunity to write for the digital empire owned by the new and budding entrepreneurs, Kartikeya Sharma of iTV.

With that said, we will be taking a look at the best distance education university in India.


The best distance education university in India

Well, there has been one distance education university pretty much dominating the rankings from quite a few years now, and this year has been no different. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), has once again topped the list of the best distance education universities in India. It now seems to be having close to 3 million students, which is far more than the second best distance education university in India.


The best distance education university in India


The facts revolving around distance education universities and IGNOU

The research head of Career360, Nimesh Chandra, took the effort and did all the research required to come up with the rankings list. He also visited the selected universities personally, as well as met their stakeholders, interviewers, and so on. However, he was still only able to find data about 114 of the 176 best distance education universities in India. It just proves how far behind our country is when it comes to finding comparable data.

Getting back to IGNOU, the data reveals that it is home to as many as around 30 percent of all the students currently enrolled in a distance education university in India.

The facts revolving around distance education universities and IGNOU

The basis of the rankings

There were a wide range of factors taken into account for coming up with the rankings. The process was to learn the functioning of the top 30 distance education universities in India. The three major factors included learning and experience, reach and resources, and results and efficiency.

The results seem to be quite interesting, especially when it comes to the top 10. It included three private universities, five open universities, and two state ones.

As far as IGNOU is concerned, although it ranks at the very top, it falls to a surprising 15th position when it comes to the results and efficiency. However, the management admits to this drawback, and said that they have a lot to improve on the results and efficiency front.


It plans to increase the passing percentage. However, surprisingly, despite the passing percentage being low, the university still tends to be the top preferences of the country’s students. It’s probably because of the wide range of courses it offers, as well as the fact that students taking a course from IGNOU probably tend to be in a better position to get their desired job.

However, some of the other highly reputed universities, such as Symbiosis and Mumbai University, have got a rather contrasting story. They struggle on the resources front, ranking at 27 and 20 respectively. However, they fare well on the learning front, taking the 3rd and 6th spot respectively.

This shows that there has been a rather uneven development in the distance education universities in India. While some boast of having great hardware and study centers, some others seem to be focusing only on technology. So apparently, there’s still a long way to go as far as overall development is concerned.


Statistics related to IGNOU’s success

Based in New Delhi, IGNOU hasn’t been showing any signs of slowing down on the rankings front. It has been quite a few years now since IGNOU started ranking at the top spot when it comes to the best distance education universities in India.

It’s a trusted institute of around 3 million students, and probably offers all the courses the students would like to enroll to.

Coming to some specific statistics related to the rankings, IGNOU had the strongest numbers on the resources and reach front. The number was a staggering 208.4, while the second best lags behind at a score of less than 150.


It means that IGNOU probably the best resources for its students. This includes the overall infrastructure, study centers, and so on. Coming to the second most important factor of the rankings, learning and experience, IGNOU showed an impressive show on this front too. It scored around 260 in terms of learning and experience.

However, there were other universities that managed to beat IGNOU on the learning and experience front. The Sikkim Manipal University, Ghaziabad, for one, scored a surprising 284.96, considerably better than IGNOU. However, the former managed to only rank at the 3rd spot.


List of Honour


The other university from Ghaziabad on the list, IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute, fetched a score of 285, too, on the learning and experience front. This seemingly shows that IGNOU has some room for improvement when it comes to learning and experience.

Coming to the third and the last major factor, result and efficiency, it must be said that IGNOU has been a little disastrous on this front. It sits with a result and efficiency score of just 198, while all the other 12 universities ranking after it on the list boasts of a better score on this front.

Sikkim Manipal University has been the best on this front too, scoring an impressive 257.15.

However, IGNOU somehow managed to score a better overall score, and hence retained its top spot. Its total score was 665, while the Yashwantrao C Maharashtra Open University was far behind at 619. Immediately following it was the Sikkim Manipal University, with a total score of 616, a university that has been putting up an impressive show as of late.


A final word

Although the Indira Gandhi National Open University manages to rank at the top this year too, it seems to be having quite a few issues to address. If it doesn’t improve on the other two important fronts mentioned above, it may probably be a matter of time before it loses its top position on the rankings list.

Furthermore, even currently, a major reason it’s managing to rank at the top year after year is probably the fact that it’s the only central open university in the country. However, it does have a huge student base and infrastructure, and offers a wide range of courses.


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